Healthcare decisions are often born out of necessity, but they become easier when a trusted medical professional is involved. This case study details the experience of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and member of Hatzalah*, a renowned community-based emergency service, who has trusted Ester Raizy Akerman with not just his own care, but also the care of his family and his community.  

Word-of-mouth to firsthand experience

The first encounter with Ester Raizy Akerman was accidental, yet impactful. The EMT’s wife sustained an injury requiring stitches after hitting her face on a car door. Word of mouth led them to Ester Raizy, and the experience was positive enough to establish trust and set the stage for future visits.
“The first time I met Ester Raizy Akerman wasn’t planned. My wife had an unfortunate run-in with a car door and needed stitches. It was our first step into Ester Raizy’s office, but it certainly wouldn’t be our last.

The first impression matters, and with Ester Raizy, it was an experience that instilled confidence. Her expertise and care left no room for second thoughts.”

Attention to detail is crucial to avoid scarring

When it came to his own daughter’s needs, our Hatzalah EMT had zero reservations about returning to Ester Raizy. When his daughter needed stitches in her nose, he knew that attention to detail was crucial to avoid scarring. Similarly, a cosmetic procedure on his daughter’s earlobe was completed successfully, with Ester Raizy taking the initiative to perform a second procedure for optimal results.
“When it comes to my children, I don’t compromise. Ester Raizy’s meticulous work ensures that scars are the last thing we have to worry about.”

An avocado emergency, transformed

When emergencies strike, the margin for error is slim. But when the EMT’s sister severely cut her finger while preparing food, the ER’s immediate medical response was less than satisfactory.

Thanks to the quick intervention of Ester Raizy and Dr. Green, what could have been a catastrophic situation was expertly managed. They not only corrected the poor stitching job from the emergency room but also repaired the severed nerve that seemed irreparable.
“Laceration repair is so much more than just stitching — it’s an art. You need to be able to look at a wound and know how to put it back together. Ester Raizy has the eye and the ability to repair wounds in the best way possible.

The attention to detail and skill demonstrated during my sister’s emergency was nothing short of miraculous. Ester Raizy and Dr. Green turned a near-disaster into a success story.”

Ester Raizy’s role in community education

Ester Raizy Akerman’s influence doesn’t stop at individual treatment. She has made multiple appearances at Hatzalah meetings to educate EMTs on better wound care and the benefits of consulting with a specialized plastic surgeon. This education enables first responders to make better-informed decisions, which has a significant ripple effect on community health.
“Ester Raizy doesn’t just treat; she educates. Her insights have been invaluable for Hatzalah members.”

Conclusion: When quality trumps speed

In emergency healthcare, it’s easy to prioritize speed over quality. But for this EMT, Ester Raizy Akerman’s unmatched skill and availability make her the go-to choice, whether for his own family or the wider community.
As a Hatzalah member, I almost always recommend that injured patients see Ester Raizy rather than go to the ER. You just never know who’s going to treat you in the ER. If I have the choice to either send a patient to the ER right away or to see Ester Raizy Akerman later that day, I almost always advise them to wait and see Ester Raizy. This could vary depending on the injury, but in general, I opt for better care over faster care.”
*Note: This testimonial is shared with permission, though the contributor prefers to remain anonymous.