It’s every parent’s nightmare: receiving an unexpected call from their child’s camp notifying them of a scary accident. When Reuven M.’s phone rang with news from his son’s camp in Upstate New York, the message was heart-wrenching. A day of activities had taken a traumatic turn, and his 16-year-old had an amputated fingertip. The camp made an immediate decision to travel from Brooklyn to Upstate New York to seek the expertise of Physician Assistant Ester Raizy Akerman.

A daunting diagnosis—and a second opinion

The camp swiftly brought the injured teenager to Ester Raizy Akerman’s local clinic, where Reuven met up with his son. Yet after assessing the wound, she recommended that they head to the emergency room due to the severity of the injury. The hospital’s prognosis was daunting: they believed a full amputation of the fingertip was the best course of action.
“We went to the hospital and waited for three hours, only to be told that his fingertip would need to be fully amputated. It felt like a punch in the gut.”
Unwilling to settle with the hospital’s initial prognosis, Reuven reached out to Ester Raizy Akerman again. Armed with hope and expertise, she was confident she could repair the partial amputation. And indeed, she successfully reattached the partially amputated fingertip.
“Ester Raizy Akerman took personal time off from her weekend to save my son’s finger. She insisted we come back for surgery, even though it was 5 a.m. on Shabbos!”

Consistent care every step of the way

The surgical success was just the beginning of ERA’s unparalleled care. Reuven fondly recalls Ester Raizy’s genuine concern and medical expertise during his son’s follow-up appointments. ERA’s office staff mirrored this professionalism and warmth, creating an ambiance of care and commitment that made the recovery process smoother for both father and son.
“She treats patients like her own family. I witnessed this not only when she interacted with my son but also with other patients in the office.”

Where expertise meets compassion: The ERA difference

For anyone considering a similar procedure, Reuven wholeheartedly endorses Ester Raizy Akerman. The combination of her surgical skills, the warmth she brings to her profession, and her unwavering dedication to each patient sets her apart.
Ester Raizy always goes above and beyond, and she truly does the best she can based on her talents and knowledge. She really cares, and she goes the extra mile for her patients.
*Note: This testimonial is shared with permission from Reuven M.