When a child is born, every detail is cherished. For a young mother noticing her newborn’s uniquely shaped ears, the journey began with questions and concerns. While pediatricians felt it would self-resolve, a mother’s intuition led her to Ester Raizy Akerman.
Right when he was born, I noticed his ears were different. I asked the pediatricians in the hospital what they thought, and they all said he’d grow out of it. I was still uncertain. Bikur Cholim of Lakewood and my pediatrician both recommended Ester Raizy Akerman for ear molding, so I knew I would be in good hands.”

A delicate procedure with compassionate care

Ester Raizy’s approach went beyond the standard ear molds. Recognizing the complexity of the child’s condition, she performed a specialized incision, ensuring that once healed, the ear molds could be effectively placed. Throughout this intricate process, her calming presence and words of reassurance served as invaluable pillars of support for the family.
“Every time we needed to go back to see her, she was just so happy to answer questions. She was so patient and explained everything to us. She wasn’t just our doctor — she was like a friend.

You would never be able to tell that my son’s ears were ever weird or different. He won’t be the kid with ‘the ears.’ It looks so amazing, and we’re so glad we went ahead with it.”

Devotion in dire times: A stitch before candle lighting

For S. Chera, another moment with Ester Raizy Akerman remains etched in memory. With time running out before candle lighting, an accident with a Ninja blender resulted in a deep cut. In that urgent moment, despite S. Chera being COVID-positive, Ester Raizy didn’t hesitate. She responded to the emergency call, inviting the patient to her residence. Wearing a hazmat suit and working in a makeshift tent, she skillfully stitched up the wound, epitomizing dedication and compassion.
“In the nerve-wracking moments before candle lighting, amidst the anxiety of the pandemic, Ester Raizy’s immediate response and care, even as I was COVID-positive, was nothing short of extraordinary.”

Reflecting on Ester Raizy’s signature touch

When you enter a medical facility, you expect clinical precision. But with Ester Raizy Akerman, you receive so much more. From TV screens on the ceiling to distract young patients to her discerning judgment on treatments, Ester Raizy brings a touch of innovation to traditional care.
“She doesn’t jump to stitch up every wound, but offers the best solutions for her patients, like recommending a butterfly bandage when stitches aren’t necessary.

With Ester Raizy, it’s not just about medical procedures but the entire experience. Her practice is a blend of innovation and comfort. And her judgment? Always spot-on. She truly has her craft down to a science.”

Ears, trust, and lifelong bonds

At the heart of medical care with Ester Raizy Akerman is a relationship. It’s about shaping a child’s future, ensuring they walk through life with confidence, and nurturing bonds that go beyond a single procedure. Reshaping ears are one thing—but Ester Raizy is known by her patients for also reshaping lives.
“When people ask where to go for stitches or ear concerns, she’s always the first one I recommend.”
*Note: This testimonial is shared with permission from S. Chera.