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Ester Raizy Akerman, PA-C
Lead practitioner

Ester Raizy is a dedicated and skilled medical professional specializing in plastic surgery, with over 13 years of experience in the field. She began her educational journey at Touro College as an undergrad (2002-2004) and later attended Long Island University, where she graduated from their PA program in 2006.

Ester Raizy’s diverse background in healthcare started with practicing pediatrics and dermatology before immersing herself into the world of plastic surgery. She honed her craft under the mentorship of renowned plastic surgeon Ari Fleisher (of blessed memory) in Brooklyn. She now collaborates with Dr. Green, a pillar of excellence in the plastic surgery community with over 35 years of distinguished experience in Cleveland.

Having a naturally creative spirit and an adeptness with her hands, Ester was inspired to venture into plastic surgery during her surgery and ER rotations in PA school. Observers would often commend her stitching skills, suggesting she explore the field of plastics — and that’s precisely what she did.

For Ester, patient care is paramount. She places a strong emphasis on ensuring both the patient and their guardians are well-informed, comfortable, and, above all, cared for. Integrity is the bedrock of her practice; she believes in always being truthful to her patients, valuing their trust above all.

Professionally, Ester finds immense satisfaction in her work, particularly in the happiness of her patients. She counts every satisfied patient as a major accomplishment, taking pride in having saved countless fingers throughout her career. Patient feedback and commendations from her peers keep her motivated. The fact that patients travel specifically to Ester Raizy for treatment is a testament to her reputation in the medical community.

Ester remains at the forefront of her field through continuous learning. She holds an NCCPA certification and frequently collaborates, observes, and learns from fellow surgeons to keep herself updated with the latest techniques and innovations.

Away from the office, Ester channels her dexterity into her hobbies. She is passionate about activities involving her hands, such as cooking, baking, and painting. Additionally, she enjoys the great outdoors, often finding herself on hiking trails to rejuvenate and relax.

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What patients say about Ester Raizy Akerman PA-C

“Ester Raizy is not only a skilled healthcare provider but also a talented artist. She approaches her work with great care and precision, resulting in beautiful outcomes.”


“Laceration repair is so much more than just stitching — it’s an art. You need to be able to look at a wound and know how to put it back together. Ester Raizy has the eye and the ability to repair wounds in the best way possible.”


“Working with Ester Raizy was an amazing experience. She was always patient, available, and happy to help. We had to come back every day after the procedure, and she was so happy to see us every time.”

—Esther S.

“Ester Raizy is so talented and professional, and very upbeat. I had such a pleasant experience.”

—Esther H.

“PA Akerman really cares. She goes the extra mile for her patients, and she treats them like family.”

– Mordechai M.

“Ester Raizy is so pleasant to be around and so calm and collected. She was always so delightful and sweet with my baby.”

—S. Chera

“Ester Raizy is above and beyond other providers — her repairs are exceptional. Our office has multiple providers, and we seem to refer to her more than anyone else”

Dr. Zyskind

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Dr. Rodney Green
Owner and practitioner

For over 35 years, Dr. Rodney Green has been at the forefront of plastic surgery in the Cleveland area. Renowned for his in-depth expertise, he has proficiently executed a wide array of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, becoming especially known for pioneering interventions like calf augmentation in the Cleveland area.

At the core of Dr. Green’s medical philosophy is an unwavering commitment to his clients. He believes in the ethos of attentive listening, ensuring each patient receives tailored care aligned with the most advanced surgical techniques available. This dedication isn’t confined to the surgical suite; in exceptional circumstances, Dr. Green has been known to make post-operative house calls, showcasing his above-and-beyond approach to patient care.

Dr. Green was an early advocate of liposuction and fat grafting techniques. Over the years, he has adeptly applied these procedures to various parts of the body, from the face and breasts to legs. His expertise in the Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) has seen a surge in patients, many of whom approach him through word-of-mouth recommendations. Additionally, he holds a distinct reputation for revising breast implant surgeries, addressing both aesthetic and medical concerns with precision.

In addition to his vast cosmetic surgery expertise, Dr. Green is distinguished in the domain of hand surgery, possessing a Certificate of Additional Qualification (CAQ) in this area. His proficiency in procedures like endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery is a testament to his diverse skill set.

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Green’s memberships with prestigious institutions like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), and his fellowship with the American College of Surgeons (FACS), stand testament to his unparalleled competence in the field.

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Sima Guttman, PA-C

We are thrilled to welcome Sima Guttman to our dynamic team; an experienced and talented PA with over 6 years of experience in surgery, plastics, trauma, and hospital medicine.

Sima’s specialty is treating burn patients, as she is an instrumental part of the Burn ICU at Staten Island University Hospital, where she cares for patients of all different acuities as well as every age group. She has also been affiliated with an urgent care for over five years.

Sima is a kind, caring person who combines excellence of care with wonderful bedside manner. Her knowledge, experience, and of course personality will add so much to our practice! She is looking forward to treating you!

More praise for our passionate providers

“The ERA office is so calm! People come in during a big crisis, but you really feel like the staff at ERA is going about their regular day. It’s business as usual, no matter how complicated the injury.”


“The staff are amazing. They’re very efficient and friendly, and I feel very comfortable there.”

– Mordechai M.

“As a healthcare professional, I refer patients to ERA Plastic Surgery for cosmetic and medical procedures all the time. Their work is unparalleled.”


“I received Botox injections from Ester Raizy, and it was an excellent experience. The procedure was gentle and fast — no pain and no side effects. She was finished in just a few minutes!”


“The biggest testament to my trust in her service is that I’ve taken my own children to her. My daughter fell and cut open her chin one time, and the first call I made was to Ester Raizy Akerman.”

— Dr. Zyskind