Our promise to you
You’ll turn heads — without ever giving away your secret.
You’ll look refreshed and rejuvenated — as if you’ve just returned from the world’s most restful vacation.
People will ask: “Did you get new glasses? A new wig? Start a new skincare regimen?”
But no one will guess that you’ve had work done
That’s the ERA difference: transformation that looks and feels completely natural.
We strive to help you become the best version of yourself, subtly enhancing your natural appearance without any of the telltale signs of plastic surgery.
Because it’s not about looking different, it’s about looking like you:
A more radiant, more confident you.
Meet the faces (and hands) of ERA
Ester Raizy Akerman, PA-C Lead provider
Dr. Rodney Green Owner and provider
Sima Guttman, PA-C Provider
The ERA story–stitch by stitch
In 2010, Ester Raizy Akerman, PA-C, began practicing plastic surgery and quickly built a reputation for stitching up wounds so expertly that they barely left a trace.
As word spread and more and more people sought Ester Raizy’s expertise, it became clear that Ester Raizy needed a bigger space and a broader suite of services. We teamed up with nationally renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Rodney Green, relocated to a larger, state-of-the-art facility, and expanded our services to aesthetic treatments like botox, fillers, and scar revisions. ERA Plastic Surgery was born.
Today, we’re more than a practice. We’re a place where patients can feel safe, cared for, and listened to. We’re not here to change or “fix” appearances. We empower you to embrace your uniqueness and feel truly comfortable in your own skin.
Why Choose ERA?
Discover what sets us apart
  1. We’re here for you
    Ask us whatever’s on your mind; we’ll answer your questions and ensure your comfort throughout. Our detailed after-care guidance and close follow-ups ensure a smooth healing process.
    “Every time we needed to go back to see Ester Raizy, she was just so happy to answer questions. She was so patient and explained everything to us. She wasn’t just our doctor — she was like a friend.”
    — S. Chera
  2. Spa-like comfort
    From the serene, peaceful ambiance of our office to our attentive service, we’re committed to making sure you feel supported, cared for, and at ease.
    “My daughter did so well during the procedure because of the relaxed office environment. There’s really such a warm, calm feeling there.”
    — Anonymous.
  3. Exceptional results
    Thanks to Ester Raizy, PA-C’s meticulous precision and expert craftsmanship, you can expect results that are so beautifully natural, others won’t know you had any work done unless you tell them.
    “Ester Raizy is extremely skilled and precise, especially when the injury is on the face and it’s important for scarring to be as minimal as possible. She closes up wounds with exactness, keeping them small and neat. It’s not like going to an emergency room for stitches!”
    — Bracha Newman
  4. Effortless procedures
    We simplify the booking process for a hassle-free experience, offering flexibility to fit your busy schedule, and even accommodating urgent same-day procedures.
    “ERA Plastic Surgery is great about appointment scheduling, and the wait time is minimal. When one of my kids gets injured, I know I can call Ester Raizy right away and she’ll fit us in that day or night.”
    — Grace N.
  5. Integrity, always
    Whether medical or aesthetic, plastic surgery procedures are a personal decision, and we’re here to guide you. We only recommend procedures when truly beneficial for you.
    “We had a client that went to you for Botox and was super super impressed with how honest you are. At her appointment you told her that she wasn’t due yet for another treatment since she had enough Botox in her skin. She was blown away that you didn’t just give her the Botox to make money and instead you told her what was best for her!“
    — DandB Laser